Starry Night 7 Comparison Chart

This is going to be big - think spacetime plus one.

Pro Plus
$249.95 USD
$149.95 USD
$79.95 USD
$49.95 USD

Beginner Astronomy Features

User-Optimized Interface
3D Exoplanets
3D Suns
Travel in Time: 4,713 BC to 3,000 AD *
One Click Travel to Other Stars
Quick Search
Event Finder and Filter
Spaceship Mode
Customize Time Flow
Night Vision
Alt-Az Coordinates
Celestial Coordinates
Ecliptic Coordinates,
Satellites, Comets and Asteroids
3D Particle Galaxies
Daily Data Updates
Asteroids, Comets, Satellites
Save Favorite Files
Movie Production
Explore Advanced Topics in SkyGuide
1 Constellation Stick Figures *
12 Photographic Horizon Panoramas *
50 SkyGuide Interactive Multimedia Tours *
Image Export
Print Current FOV Star Chart *

* Enthusiast, Pro & Pro Plus get more!

Pro Plus
$249.95 USD
$149.95 USD
$79.95 USD
$49.95 USD

Advanced Astronomy Features

Travel in Time: 4,713 BC to 9,999 AD **
Light Pollution Simulator
Set View Location Anywhere in the Solar System
Add & Edit Objects With The Orbit Editor
Angular Separation Tool
FOV Indicators
Heads Up Display (HUD)
Detailed Event Calculation for Eclipses
Meteor showers
Bright NGC Objects
Chandra Images
Hubble Images
Messier Objects
NGC-IC Database
Spitzer Images
Tully 3D Database
Binocular Deep Sky
Urban Deep Sky
"Universal Search" Function
Import images & Create custom databases
Display Shadow Cones
Historic Space Missions With 3D Models & Paths
High-Res Constellation Illustrations
IAU Constellation Boundaries
5 Constellation Stick Figures **
5 Milky Way Spectrums **
27 Photographic Horizon Panoramas
70 SkyGuide Interactive Multimedia Tours
125 Presets Demonstrating Astronomical Concepts
Print Full-Sky 180 Degree Star Charts
Print Charts With Three Magnifications On Same Object

** Pro & Pro Plus get more!

Pro Plus
$249.95 USD
$149.95 USD
$79.95 USD
$49.95 USD

Professional Astronomy Features

Travel in Time: 99,999 BC To 99,999 AD
Telescope Control
Observing List
Equipment List
Set Delta-T
Set Julian Day
Universal Time display
180 Degree Field Of View
Galactic coordinates
Extragalactic coordinates
Celestial coordinates
Generate Ephemerides
Altitude Graphing
Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams
Limit Stars By Distance & Magnitude
Explore Advanced Topics In SkyGuide
Location Markers and Surface Feature Outlines
Accurate Outlines and Positional Data for 1400 nebulae
Finest NGC Objects
Principal Galaxy Catalog
Abell Cluster Of Galaxies
Double Stars
DSC Double Stars
DSC Stars Eclipsing Binaries
Emission Nebulae (Sharpless)
Herchel 400
Local Group Galaxies
Navigational Stars
Nexstar Alignment Stars
Open Clusters
PK Planetaries
Planetary Nebulae
SS2K Alignment Stars
Sky Commander Alignment Stars
Supernova Remenants
Uppsala General Catalogue
Variable Stars (GCVS)
Variable Stars (GCVS-Hipp)
Zwicky Cluster Of Galaxies
Variable Stars (AAVSO)
Import internet images (Digitized Sky Survey)
Online Telescope Imaging
Exclusive Extra Galactic 3D Galaxy Database
Add Images To Any Area Of The Sky
Create Your Own Databases
5 Constellation Stick Figures
12 Milky Way Spectrums
39 Photographic Horizon Panoramas
100+ SkyGuide Interactive Multimedia Tours
147 Presets Demonstrating Astronomical Concepts
Updated Messier Catalog With High Resolution Images

Pro Plus
$249.95 USD
$149.95 USD
$79.95 USD
$49.95 USD

Elite Astronomy Features

Photorealistic All-Sky CCD Mosaic
5 Multi-Wavelength Sky Survey Images
High Resolution Surface Maps
Maxim DL Plugin
Additional High Resolution Surface Maps (rock, mineral, chemical, gravity, magnetic, topographic, etc)